At Abington Christian Academy, we understand that a school is so much more than just a successful academic program. It is a complete learning environment that prepares the whole student to succeed in higher education, future employment, and life in general.

We want to do even more than simply provide students with information, however. We aim to equip students with an educational toolbox that will enable and inspire them to be curious, lifelong learners in God’s big and beautiful world. More than that, we seek to lead students to experience wonder, joy, accomplishment, and worship in exploring God’s fascinating universe.

The following elements comprise our academic program:  
    -A classical Christian curriculum that combines traditional, time-tested content and approaches with the highest quality innovations in education.
    -Faculty who are selected for their passion for learning and teaching, their love of God and students, and their academic training.
    -High expectations that challenge students, opportunities to practice new learning skills, steady encouragement in the process, support when students need individual help to succeed.


"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts."               -C.S. Lewis


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