Tuition Assistance
Abington Christian Academy serves a diverse student body with a large number of middle- to low-income families and children who are at academic risk. Even families who receive some state subsidies make a tremendous sacrifice to contribute to the balance of their tuition.

We are committed to admitting students and providing them with a high-quality, caring education without regard to family income. Business donations from the EITC program help to make this possible.

Parents may apply for and receive scholarship funding from a variety of sources:
Funding for this scholarship comes from private donors and the ACA school board. Parents may request an ACA Scholarship from the Business Manager at any time during the school year. Eligibility is determined by financial need and other factors.

Enacted in 2001, the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program amended the public school code. Act 4 authorized the award of tax credits to businesses that make contributions of up to $200,000 to scholarship organizations. These scholarship organizations then designate funds as tuition assistance to qualified recipient schools like Abington Christian Academy. Scholarship funds are available for PreK through grade 8.

A variety of scholarship organizations offer EITC-funded tuition assistance to ACA families. Families are responsible to contact these organizations for scholarship requests.

ACSI Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania
ACSI Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania provides provide scholarships for economically disadvantaged children to attend approved Christian schools in the states of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.provide scholarships for economically disadvantaged children to attend approved Christian schools in Pennsylvania.
Phone: 717.285.3022
Fax: 717.285.2128
Mailing Address:
The Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania
845 Silver Spring Plaza, Suite B
Lancaster, PA 17601-1183

Bridge Educational Foundation
Bridge Educational Foundation is a scholarship organization whose core mission is to partner families and schools with Pennsylvania businesses to provide scholarship opportunities throughout Pennsylvania. Based in Harrisburg, PA, Bridge Educational Foundation is currently one of the largest and most innovative scholarship organizations of its kind, raising more than $10 million dollars to provide educational opportunities for low-income families statewide.
Phone: 717.214.6792
Fax: 717.214.6797
Mailing Address:
Bridge Educational Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 222
Harrisburg, PA 17108-0222

Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation
Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation is designed to provide scholarship assistance to parents so that their children may receive a quality education that fosters academic excellence, while instilling values that would prove beneficial to both the student as well as the society in which he or she lives.
Phone: 215.870.9454
Mailing Address:
Faith First Educational Assistance Corporation
303 Tangerine Trail
Chesapeake, VA  23325 

Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains
The Community Foundation provides scholarships to families who earn an annual income of less than $50,000 and send their children to a tuition-based program.
Phone: 570.278.3800
Web Address:
Mailing Address:
270 Lake Avenue
Montrose, PA 18801


Reach Foundation
Road to Educational Achievement Through Choice (REACH) Foundation is Pennsylvania's grassroots coalition dedicated to ensuring parental choice in education.
Phone: 717.238.1878
Fax: 717.703.3182
Mailing Address:
REACH Foundation/REACH Alliance
PO Box 1283
Harrisburg, PA 17108