Mrs. Jan Wells

                                                                                                                          Volunteers Make the Difference!

Here at Abington Christian Academy we value volunteers. They truly make the difference in many ways.

Three gifted, energetic retired teachers give varied amounts of time to complete any number of helpful tasks: tutor students, reinforce lesson concepts, develop curricula for and assist teaching special needs students, teach small groups, teach Spanish, plan field trips, create bulletin boards, plan class activities, and oversee the high school program. Their knowledge and expertise truly benefit our students!

Parents and friends of ACA give of their time and talents in pdf tarikhema innumerable ways. One young man volunteers to listen to Kindergartners read orally and patiently trims our Box Tops for redemption. One of our moms picks up our Friday hot lunch order and helps to serve our student body. One of our grandmothers serves as the Box Tops for Education Coordinator. A busy mom heads our Parent Teacher Fellowship and keeps the school store well stocked. A talented dad designed and built the attractive frame that displays our academy sign at our new location. Another skilled dad builds sets for our spring plays and easels for the classrooms. A friend hangs white boards, repairs broken furniture, installed wireless printing capabilities, donated a doorbell system, and created welcome cards for our teachers to mail to their students last summer. One family never misses a chance to bring coffee, donuts, paper products, and other goodies to encourage our staff. Some of our parents shop at Maine Source in Scranton. Their purchases help fund the Maine Source Give Back Program. Others purchase Scrip gift cards, and a portion of these purchases bounces back to benefit school programs. 

And the list of kindnesses continues: parents who volunteer to drive to field trip venues, prepare food for special meals, host students for a progressive luncheon, plan fundraisers, find a location for a concert, a college student who volunteers to provide piano accompaniment for a choral concert, friends who cut out Box Tops and mail them to us, and on the list goes.

All of our chapel speakers are volunteers: pastors, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, lay workers, teachers, parents, and friends. One chapel speaker drives from New York one Wednesday a month because she loves to share God's Word with our students!

Our board members and board advisors are volunteers. They oversee the policies and governing of the academy, make hard decisions, seek donors, brainstorm and research new ideas and solutions, plan fundraisers, set strategic goals, manage finances, and a myriad of other jobs that lack glamor but ensure the academy is run responsibly and with integrity.

Others connect us to community donations and events that we may not have otherwise known existed. And many provide daily kindnesses that renew our vision and recharge our energies for the tasks ahead.

If you know someone who volunteers at ACA, or anywhere for that matter, shake his or her hand and say a sincere thank you! This person is making a difference. Here at ACA, we are so grateful for our volunteers!

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