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Abington Christian Academy is a distinctively Christian, classical model school focused on the formative academic, emotional, social and spiritual development of students from PreK3 to 4th grade in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. 

The Tools of Learning

Abington Christian Academy seeks to provide a foundational education where students are taught in the great academic disciplines of our Western tradition, and a Christian worldview.

We desire to cultivate wisdom, virtue, and joy within our students, so that they can go forth into the world, equipped to navigate an ever changing society.

Image by James Coleman

Deep Roots

We accomplish this using the classical model, a proven educational method intentionally designed for the way people naturally learn. 

A classical Christian education is both academically rigorous and soul nourishing; a reflection of the mandate that the goal of education is to not merely produce students who are “informed”, but those who are also “well-formed.”  

Image by John Tecuceanu

A Holistic Approach

A classical education is precisely the kind of tried and true approach to education that has produced countless great leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, philosophers, theologians, physicians, lawyers, artists, and musicians over the centuries.

At Abington Christian Academy, we are committed to sending students into the world equipped with the tools they need to think well, love rightly and live wisely.

Image by Markus Spiske


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