Out of Abundance, We Give.

Abington Christian Academy is proud to support the work of Bretha Lumantis, missionary to the Philippines. Each Christmas, Bretha prepares a chicken dinner for the orphans and street children in Dapitan City. These street children very often subsist on a rice diet, so meat is an especially rare treat for them. Bretha buys the raw ingredients (including the chicken) from a local market, she cooks it, and then she serves it to the children as she shares a gospel message about the love of God that was so great, he came to earth as a baby born in a manger, but ultimately as a Redeemer for all who would believe in Him.

ACA typically supports Bretha through our chapel offerings, which always are directed toward missions and charities outside our academy. We see these as opportunities to show our student body how to bless those around us who have tangible and pressing needs. Some needs are local, like the Keystone Mission and the Abington Ministerium. Others needs are overseas, like Operation Christmas Child, The Kuwinda School, and Bretha. Last year, we supported Bretha by providing funds for her to feed chicken to nearly 500 children. However, this year, due to the difficulty of large group gatherings for chapel, we have not been able to hold weekly offerings.

This is especially difficult because not only has COVID made a great impact on our lives here in Clarks Summit or in the U.S. as a whole, it has decimated the third world where Bretha ministers. Many families have lost income earners due to the economic shut downs and enforced disruptions of mass gatherings, including churches and outreach events.

More than ever, Bretha needs our support to be able to provide food in separate containers, so that a large group gathering isn’t necessary to serve it. Also, due to the income losses, more families beyond the regular orphans and street children could use the extra meal.

This #GivingTuesday, we are reaching out to you, our extended ACA family, for support.

You can donate safely and securely to Bretha’s mission through our academy website at http://www.abingtonacademy.com/giving

Every dollar will be passed on to Bretha. We have changed our “Donate to ACA” button to “Give to Bretha”. When you click the button, you will be taken to the Abington Christian Academy Paypal page, where you can give any amount over $1.00.

As you might expect, food costs are less in the Philippines than in the United States. Even small donations make a big impact when it comes to feeding children. This year, when we have experienced so much disruption of normality and at times, sanity, we can reflect upon all of the ways God has provided for our needs and in some cases, given us an abundance beyond what we need.

On this #GivingTuesday, please consider sharing from your abundance of blessings and support the gospel work of Bretha Lumantis.

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